This design started with the initiative of developing a bold and aesthetically pleasing wetsuit that filled a gap in the AKONA wetsuit product line — designed to cross over markets and be used by both surfers and divers.
This “in-between” suit is stretchy, bright and the 3/2mm thickness was determined to be a great middle-ground weight. Featured on this suit is already creating buzz in the recreational industry. z
Specific finishing touches selected like protective “bulletproof” knee pads, reinforced pull-loops, extended front zipper (for easy donning and doffing) to add to the functionality of the suit.
Layering in bold colours that help accentuate the bold design of the wetsuits, allowing the models and wetsuits to be the focus of the campaign. Featuring handwritten callouts, full of puns, plays off of AKONA’S “Frog Knows” tone of voice.

Assets were created for Instagram, email, Facebook, web banners. All assets were distributed to our dealer base first before we rolled out the consumer email and social assets.