Easily monitor your home from your smartphone. See when and where motion happens, get notified as family comes and goes, and receive alerts if motion is detected while you are away. WiFi signals blanket your home and create a pattern. Aura WiFi Motion is able to read these patterns and notice when the pattern is disrupted. How a person disrupts the pattern is much different than a dog or cat, and Aura is able to identify this.​​​​​​​
These images are to be used on the Aura website and in print collateral, banners, and social media. With a mid-century-modern aesthetic, Aura is shown integrated into home life and is able to blend in. Being able to visually represent motion was a key requirement.
The Aura WiFi Motion V1 branding originally included bright colours such as yellow, orange, pink and purple. After conducting research for this photoshoot, it became evident that the target market (males 40-60) are more attracted to earth-tones and the colour blue. Images were then designed and mocked up which reflected a more masculine space, which then later lead to a rebranding based on the photos designed.
Responsible for research, prop acquisition, hiring models, shot list, production as well as photography direction.
Photographer: Joseph Hofer.