Snake Bite is a conceptual hard apple cider brand that focuses on reconnecting and revolutionizing the relationship between women and the mythological symbolism of apples and snakes throughout history. Combining a 1960’s colour palette with a modern twist, Snake Bite’s fresh and bright branding is designed to present the social summer drink with a feminine mantra. “Our fresh and bright take on the apple cider world, is bound to stand out on shelves, just like the personality of our customer. We pride ourselves on being the apple of your eye and hopefully your taste buds.”​​​​​​​
Bright and exciting, Snake Bite is a Hard Apple Cider that you can enjoy on the patio will your gal pals. Coining the term “pass me a Snake Bite,” the goal is to make this brand a summer favourite. The overall design and theme uses the long historical connection between women and snakes, in Biblical, Norse and Greek Mythology. The cider also resembles snake venom and once you drink it, symbolically, you're infected with the deliciously refreshing cider. The “S” on the word “Snake” is snake resembled without actually taking on the form of a snake. Since orange and yellow evoke such energy it was essential to include them into the cider brand. This colour palette subconsciously eludes to apples, without just using red and green. Just like Snake Bite’s logo, the product photography needed to be dynamic. Diagonal lines and showing movement are very important to show excitement for their brand.​​​​​​​
2018 Winner for Applied Arts Magazine - Student - Packaging Program - Series